Month: August 2015

Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility is crucial for success in any endeavor. In order to have success in conquering anger I must take responsibility for my own actions. Unless I take responsibility for my own actions I will always fail. To say that “He/she made me angry” is frankly a cop out. Certainly other people do things that…

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Reacting Vs Responding

When working on controlling anger , it is important to understand the difference between Reacting and Responding. Although them seem very similar they actually are quite different,and understanding that difference is a major step in not only being able to control anger, but to help improve just about any relationship you have.             The late…

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They Lied to us !

Do you remember when you were little and someone said something to you that was mean or made you sad or afraid? Then perhaps you went to a parent or teacher or other adult for comfort and they said that you “don’t let someone’s words hurt you, because “Sticks and stones may break my bones,…

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