Anger Management: What are my Options?

There are several options available when considering ways to control your anger .

Let’s take a look at a few

1-Self-Control, this is the first, most obvious option many choose to try, it is also usually the first one suggested by well- meaning friends and family members. It seems simple enough…control yourself, don’t get angry. We are mature, we should be able to just be able to not allow our anger to get out of hand. So why doesn’t it work? Because the anger is stronger than you. Self-control may work for you in certain things, but with this particular problem self-control is not working and you need some help, and perhaps some tools to help you gain the self-control you need.

2 Prayer and/or meditation. There is plenty of evidence that both of these methods can help in managing stress and in ultimately controlling anger. Having a strong spiritual base can give you the strength to overcome anger as well as many other issues in your life. However sometimes this can create additional problems, such as feelings of guilt or added stress if the “spiritual solution” does not work as well as expected. Many people who are deeply spiritual still suffer from anger issues and that creates other problems, and the cycle continues.

3-Counselling is another choice. Some people try counselling, and that has helped many people deal with some of the underlying issues that may be causing the anger problem. Specially trained professional counsellors or therapists can help you work through the issues and develop the skills necessary to control anger. However, this may take a very long time, and cost a great deal of money, and still not solve the problem.

3-Medical help or drugs. Sometimes the anger is due to a chemical imbalance or physical condition and can be helped with medicine or other specialized treatment. This can be enormously helpful. On the other hand, dependence on drugs or other treatments may be something you would rather avoid. Since I am not a physician or medical professional, I am not qualified to comment on this subject, other than to give my opinion, which is that it is a last resort.

5-Coaching is another option that can help. In coaching, the goal is to help you help yourself achieve your goal by providing tools, accountability & support, as well as a specific plan of action to help you accomplish your goal. You and your coach become a team with the same objective. Your coach knows by personal experience how to accomplish the goal you are trying to achieve and can help you get there. Coaching does not simply give you a list of things to do and assume you will do it, nor does it use a “one size fits all” philosophy. Unlike Counselling, it does not assume a clinical doctor patient relationship. Coaching can be very effective in helping solve your anger problem.