Category: Controlling Anger

What is your anger style?

Anger can take many forms, some are blatantly obvious and overt, others may be subtle or indirect. It can be outward like road rage or inward like depression or anxiety. It can be verbal or non-verbal. No matter how it manifests itself, anger often causes damage, either physical, emotional or relational. Understanding the way anger…

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Anger is an Inside Job

Getting angry is often a natural almost instinctive reaction. Something happens or someone does something that seems to immediately cause us to go into a “fight or flight” mode and our anger takes over. However that is not what really happens. There are specific physical signs, as well as specific thought patterns that often precede…

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Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility is crucial for success in any endeavor. In order to have success in conquering anger I must take responsibility for my own actions. Unless I take responsibility for my own actions I will always fail. To say that “He/she made me angry” is frankly a cop out. Certainly other people do things that…

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