Anger Coaching To Beat your Anger Problem

Anger is an emotion that effects all of us. Everyone gets angry, It is a natural normal part of life. The problem is when Anger takes over and controls you.

If you have an anger problem you understand that concept all too well. If you don’t have an anger problem, you probably do not really understand. That is one of the main reasons I have started Anger Coaching That Works. We will provide training, coaching, accountability and advice from a position of once being there, and really understanding.

One of the main premises of Your Anger Coach (Anger Coaching That Works) is based upon something King Solomon uttered centuries ago “ Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another “ Proverbs 27:17 In other words I believe that it takes someone who has had a problem with anger, and can fully identify with you, to help you.

Certainly someone who has been there is more likely to truly understand exactly what you are dealing with firsthand, and can help you get thru it and beat it.

Someone who simply looks at the problem from a clinical perspective, or perhaps a spiritual perspective, can offer advice. But to Truly understand, and help you , and identify with you the depth of the problem anger can cause, we need to have actually been there.

If you agree with that idea, then I encourage you to join us at Your Anger Coach (Anger Coaching That Works)  as we move forward together.

We will have several different resources , courses, accountability groups, weekly telephone calls etc. all designed to help you win the battle against anger.

Two more things that I should point out.

I am not a  psychologist or physician, so I cannot and will not give medical or psychological advice, however the material we provide will be helpful and practical.

I will sometimes make reference to spiritual matters or concepts because of my personal Christian faith. However, you do not have to agree with my spiritual beliefs, and can certainly choose to accept or reject them.The training will benefit anyone who is willing to learn and practice the information.

I look forward to getting to know you, and to do whatever I can to help you along in your journey to beat anger.

Joe Yosso


What is Anger Coaching ?