Knowing your Triggers

Knowing your Triggers

When talking about controlling anger, one thing that we need know about are our specific triggers.

Triggers are things that set off a reaction that may not be actually related to the specific situation you are in at the time, but are the reason behind the rapid escalation of anger. Such things as flashbacks to traumatic situations, or some memory tape we have in our subconscious may cause us to overreact to the current situation, and we can go from zero to 10 almost instantaneously.

 If you have a problem with anger, rapid escalation of angry feelings may be a very common reaction when confronted with certain situations. These triggers are different for every person, and often are not recognized at the time.

The two main ways triggers affect us are through sight and sound. He hear or see something that creates an automatic reaction, often a negative one that results in aggressive or combative or verbally abusive behavior, and the object of the reaction is overwhelmed. Such overreaction is common to those with an anger problem, and creates many communication and intimacy problems.

It is very important for us to learn what our specific triggers are, recognize situations that create these triggers and develop effective ways of working on them.

Sometimes this requires professional help, but oftentimes can be worked through with a friend or coach or group of like minded individuals with similar problems that are working through similar issues together.

The important thing is to first recognize they exist, take responsibility for my reaction, and work on ways to avoid the problem in the future.

Anger coaching that works has a number of tools that can help you work through your anger issues. Our free Anger Control Toolbox can be helpful in creating your own personalized anger management program. Download your free copy here