Start an Anger Journal


Journaling has become a popular practice for many people. Writing our daily thoughts, dreams and goals down daily is a great discipline to develop in order to grow in so many different areas of our lives. Some people want to leave a journal for their children or grandchildren. Some people keep a journal of what foods they eat, places they traveled to, the list is endless.

¬†Why not an anger journal? If I am working on controlling anger, wouldnt it be a good idea to actually record down those situations that caused me to feel angry. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to record what happened, what I felt like, what I did, how I reacted or responded?

The information I record in my anger journal can be used as a checklist that determines how well I may be using my tools. Perhaps I have a blind spot that can be exposed when I examine the info contained in my anger journal.

Developing the habit of recording in my anger journal can condition me to be accountable daily for my actions, and can create an awareness and sensitivity to my actions that I was unable to understand without my journal. By analyzing the data in my journal, I may be able to see certain patterns of behavior that I need to work on. I can also see what is working and figure out how to continue to do what is working.

So how do I start an anger journal, and what information should I have in it? I am so glad you asked that question and I just happen to have a suggestion. What an amazing coincidence!

You can download a free sample anger journal along with our special report 10 tools you can use to control anger by clicking here.