Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility is crucial for success in any endeavor.

In order to have success in conquering anger I must take responsibility for my own actions. Unless I take responsibility for my own actions I will always fail. To say that “He/she made me angry” is frankly a cop out. Certainly other people do things that can cause me to feel angry, or upset, or I may encounter situations that create in me the “fight or flight” reaction. But how I respond to that individual or situation is my responsibility. If I act in anger, then I am the one doing it.

Sometimes the reaction is so fast it  seems like a reflex. Perhaps that is why it seems like it was the other persons fault, but in reality I was the one who chose to react in the manner I did.

Understanding that fact  is one of the most important steps in being able to control anger.

How I react or respond ( there is a big difference between the two words*) determines how well I can begin to learn the necessary tools I need in order to control my anger.

If I am not responsible for  my anger than there is no need for me to change.  But once I accept responsibility for my actions then I can begin to look objectively at the problem.

Anger coaching helps you to take control. Your anger coach has been there and knows exactly what to do to help you conquer your anger problems as a team with one goal in mind.

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* see our blog post Reacting vs Responding