What Is Anger Coaching ?

Anger coaching is a method of anger management in which a coach helps you develop the skills to control your anger. It differs from counselling in that it does not focus on past traumas or psychological evaluations but rather focuses on the present and helps you to learn the steps necessary to beat your anger. Rather than just giving you a set of rules and/or steps to follow, it focuses on helping you develop your own specific plan to help you solve your anger problem.

Anger coaching that works is a program that has been developed by someone who has “been there and done that”, who has had a serious anger problem, and has successfully overcome it, and can help you do the same. By acting as a coach, and being able to identify with you, as opposed to simply being an observer or counselor who may not really understand, your coach and you can enact real change and get real results.

Just like a coach in sports or business, your anger coach can help you make the necessary “adjustment” or create a blueprint specifically for you.

Anger coaching that works has several different programs, including online courses, group coaching, and individual coaching.

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