Author: joeyosso

Anger and the need to be in control

It is often said that the reason people get angry is because we have “unfulfilled expectations” or “unreasonable demands” Let’s Take a look at that:   List a few things that cause you to get angry….. Waiting in line… Traffic… Businesses not getting my order correct… Wife “nagging” Husband leaving clothes on the floor… Add…

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If You Think You Can You Can…Your Attitude can help you Control your anger

The Importance of Attitude                One of the most important elements in changing any behavior is our Attitude. Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”. He was talking about success and the need to have a positive attitude.                When it comes to controlling anger, if…

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Anger Management: What are my Options?

There are several options available when considering ways to control your anger . Let’s take a look at a few 1-Self-Control, this is the first, most obvious option many choose to try, it is also usually the first one suggested by well- meaning friends and family members. It seems simple enough…control yourself, don’t get angry.…

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